Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cryptozoologicon Video Lectures

Despite my love for fictional giant monsters and the once VERY REAL prehistoric mega-fauna, I'm quite skeptical towards most Cryptids in my adulthood, especially since most modern examples of such conjectural creatures being blatant nonsense like the recent Slender Man and Ninjin phenomenon - Seriously, you're not even trying anymore, internet!

But as modern day culture and folklore, I find Cryptozoology infinitely fascinating and the 2013 new book entitled Cryptozoologicon, Volume I does a beautiful job of celebrating the myths while still keeping a critical eye towards it (not against it) and still being very educational in its concepts / theories - a balancing act that almost no one does anymore in science, in and out of the paranormal and realistic science fiction.

The following are two really entertaining video lectures from 2013 done for the Cryptozoologicon book launch, hosted by Darren Naish, the book's authors, and C. M. Kosemen, one of the book's two illustrators - Enjoy!

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