Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Shape of Water Review

Can a relationship between a woman and a fish-man work on the big screen? Can KaijuNoir and Raf Enshohma keep the silly inter-species sex jokes to a minimum?

Find out in our podcast review for Guillermo del Toro's latest film, The Shape of Water (2017).

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Shout Outs: Doctor Who Reviews

Shout Outs is where I showcase works from other independent creators such as artists I know from DeviantART or producers from YouTube. Expect a lot of these throughout 2018 because I cannot vouch for the availability of my own original works around here anymore.

Today, we have Richard D. Carrier's fantastic series of fan-made documentaries looking back at the history of the long-running Doctor Who franchise.

Unlike the simple v-logs found on the subject, Richard's videos are on par with the special features from official Doctor Who releases and educational for those wishing to get into the older series that ran from from November 23rd, 1963 until December 6th, 1989.

Support Richard at his Facebook page FOUND HERE.

Doctor Who Review, Part 1 - Introduction and Overview:

Doctor Who Review, Part 2 - The William Hartnell Era:

Doctor Who Review, Part 3 - The Patrick Troughton Era:

Doctor Who Review, Part 4 - The Jon Pertwee Era:

Doctor Who Review, Part 5 - The Tom Baker Era:

Clearly, Richard's retrospective is far from completed and I'll share each new entry as they are posted along with updating this same article.