Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pachimon Kaiju Showcase: It Came from Africa

Something I've learned from last month; don’t make promises on a blog, where you’re the only guy working on it.

As such, I’ll do whatever updates I can muster, without trying to be too ambitious in themes, or related schedules. One could accuse me of being lazy, but it’s easier on me, the lone author. And you the readers, will be getting more updates in turn.

I’m also NOT going to let the blasted holidays, or similar events and circumstances, interrupt me from doing said updates. So forgive me if I post one of my frivolous articles, while the real-world goes to Heck, in some form or another.

Though know that I often do so in innocent ignorance.

The otherwise nameless African Pachimon, or 'Afurika' for short.

Today’s Pachimon Kaiju Showcase is a fairly easy one, in that the featured monster has no name, beyond the country it’s shown menacing above.

Oh how I love to unofficially name the nameless!

The Africa Monster, or ‘Afurika’ is another entry in the ‘globetrotting’ monster bromide cards, published by Japan’s Yokopro in the 1970’s. And of whom previous spotlights Danpuraa and Wadorisu also hail from.

The country of Africa is home to many gorgeous, spectacular waterfalls, so I cannot definitively say which one that Afurika is shown standing over. But my guess would be the famous Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya, located in Southern Africa on the Zambezi River.

Image courtesy of Famous Wonders

As for Afurika / The Africa Monster itself; The head / face is a fully artistic original, but the rest of its body is directly taken from Sadora, who first appeared in episode 3 of “The Return of Ultraman”, “The Evil Monster Realm of Terror” (April 16th, 1971).

Sadora, who donated his body to Pachimon science.
Known as a ‘Rock Monster’, Sadora was one of two murderous creatures that appeared in the legendary (and fictional) summit dubbed The Misty Mountains. And has since made recurring appearances in more recent Ultra sequels, such as “Ultraman Mebius” (2006-2007) and “Ultra Galaxy: Mega-Monster Battles” (2008-2009).

More information on Sadora can be found HERE.


Kaiju, and other Giant Monsters, are more infamous to mainstream audiences for their destructive deeds against civilization.

And although The Africa Monster doesn't look at all placid, with its protruding devil horns and sharp pincer-claws, I’d like to think it’s behaving like a more peaceful, natural animal, while standing among the beautiful surroundings of Victoria Falls.

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