Friday, April 29, 2016

A Special Announcement for April 2016

Not Final Logo Art...Or So I Hope!
So if all goes REALLY well, I'll be starting a podcast entitled "Review All Monsters" with my long-time friend and co-host Burkion (Jesse Alonso), where we will review ALMOST every giant monster movie ever made and in order whenever possible.

The pilot episode will be dedicated to the rules of our planned series, alongside the still-in-progress master list of films, including giant monster focused television shows, special edition episodes, and possible audio guest stars related to the main subject.

Expect to hear the pilot for "Review All Monsters" sometime in middle-to-late May, uploaded onto my YouTube page with all other succeeding episodes for the foreseeable future.

I am excited for the project, as it has been something both me and Burkion have been wanting to do for years now, especially since we're both disturbingly knowledgeable, respectful and fair-minded with giant monster-based media, as well as being acerbic (Burkion) and eccentric (Enshohma) comedians who also don't mind poking A LOT of fun with the material at hand.

That alone is something missing from a lot of other movie review-based series online, along with the insane list of films and TV shows that "Review All Monsters" hope to tackle.

I will keep you all updated on our progress.