Friday, February 26, 2016

Deadpool Video Podcast Review Thingie

Some very old geezer once asked me "Enshohma...What's a Podcast?", and not being all that computer savvy myself, I could only reply with "It's like talk radio programming, but produced digitally and posted on the internet", which is an apt description I hope.

The old codger then asked me "Enshohma...What's a Radio?". Our conversation ended soon afterwards.

Above is my video-based podcast review for the recently released film "Deadpool", co-hosted with friend and colleague KaijuNoir, whose already done his own podcast review for this same film on his separate YouTube channel.

And here's a better look at the title card illustrations that I did for the video posted above, inspired by the title character Deadpool's own artistic talents straight from the film.

Deadpool Himself
Enshohma (My Pen-name Monster)
Draco Azul (KaijuNoir's Original Robot Hero and Mascot)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

City Shrouded In Shadow - An Upcoming Kaiju Game

From what I've seen, most Japanese-born video games of late are...Well, not good...Especially within the graphics and mechanics department, which was a huge issue a lot of people had with "Godzilla: the Game" from last year.

Though to be perfectly honest, I am barely a gamer to the point of not being one at all, while also knowing these games far better through written and online video reviews than hands-on experience. But a poorly programmed video game, Japanese or otherwise, is still obvious to even worse 'noobs' (idiotic slang term for 'inexperienced neophyte') than I'm often accused of being.

I have a slight fear that the same may be true with the upcoming, but no-less intriguing title "City Shrouded In Shadow", which is to be a survival action-adventure where you have to evacuate a city safely while in the midst of a multiple giant monster (Kaiju) attack.

Image courtesy by Toku Nation

On the bright side, the game is to have many guest stars from previously unconnected Kaiju films and television series, with the extraterrestrial superhero Ultraman being the first confirmed, along with strong rumors and hints of Godzilla himself joining in on the mayhem. So at the very least, this video game will be a significant, serious-minded crossover in Kaiju History, NOT counting obscure soccer games featuring super-cute 'animefied' versions of these same characters.

Here's hoping Gamera, lesser known one-shot monsters like Guilala and Gappa, and maybe even some original giant creature creations are included in the finished video game.

More information can be found in these following links:

Teaser Trailer for the Game's Article

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And here are some teaser images to wet one's appetite: