Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Gorf Can Cook...PEOPLE!?!?

The barely seen Giant named Gorf teaches us how to make a jumbo-sized pot pie with terrifyingly horrific results!

The following short from College Humor may be the last giant monster-related piece of fiction to come out in 2016, and although the idea is 'cute' (and I say so with extremely heavy quotations) in theory, the execution is rather a bit of a bummer, if not downright disturbing: why is it fairly sympathetic interns or working employees who always suffer in these sort of skits over said victims' higher-ups?

I think this video would have been slightly less unsettling / more enjoyable if Gorf the Giant had raided the Senate Building for some republican AND democratic based ingredients, over this sad lot of defenseless humans.

That's probably just my own bias speaking here, though I think we can all agree that as fun as these fantastical beings can be in both serious drama and in darkly-tinted comedy, we're all better off living in a world where giant monsters are not real...Maybe.

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