Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kaiju Images: The Stone Creatures

As previously stated, I'll be using my blog as a public service (limited and obscure as it is) for the Kaiju fan community online. And one such way to do so, is by posting random articles, featuring random images, of random Kaiju (giant monsters) from across random fiction!

I'll try my best to largely use images I've either scanned or taken myself - the latter of which, by using the age old method of a crummy digital camera, while sitting affront of a decent sized TV screen at night.

In other cases however, I will of course credit sources for images that I've 'borrowed' from other sites, and their related owners and contributors.

Especially since a lot of the most Obscure Kaiju characters have equally as few images floating about the Internet. And usually on web-pages that have an unreliable lifespan, like forum threads. Or the dreaded, diminished attention spanned beast dubbed Tumblr.

For this first outing, we're going to start off with some (crappy) screen-captures I made of The Stone Creatures; twin lion-like stone statues from third episode of Hanna-Barbera's "Godzillaseries, entitled "Attack of the Stone Creatures" (September 23rd, 1978).

'Crossfire! Crossfire!'
'Hey Godzuki! Check out my winter cool breath!'
'Huh...Not that impressive?'
'We're combing the desert, in search of Princess Vespa!'
'We ain't found S***!'

I'll have more Kaiju images to share on a near weekly basis from now on, so stay tuned. And if you'd like to assist me in this ongoing endeavor, with scans or screen-captures from your ends, please contact me through the comments below.

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