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Ensho's OCs: Mistress Mephistia

The Most Recent Drawing of Mistress Mephistia, Done Earlier In 2012

OCs is an abbreviation for Original Characters...or Orange County...But amongst us artists (AKA me), it's the former and please deal with it from this point onward.
Plus, I did promise more regular updates to this site, and I have untold numbers of such creations laying around for showcasing - even if the related images I have done are nothing more than pencil sketches, colored by computer.
And for those of whom that have catch on by now, yes, these articles are directly inspired by my friend Hawanja's "Freaks, Mutants, and Monsters" blog-site.
Let's start with everyone's favorite subject - top-heavy demon women!
I've been doing these kind of creations for a long time (from twelve-years-old to present), and there have been an equal mix of good guys (fictional demons don't have to be all evil, you know), and bad guys. But for this first entry, let's start with one of the villains - Mistress Mephistia.
Older Art Possibly Done in 2007, And Colored in 2012 (Notice the Smaller Bust?)
An ancient succubus, originally born on Earth, Mistress Mephistia has since become the lead sorceress for the intergalactic conqueror Ceronus. Her personal knowledge of magic is impressive, but Mephistia prefers to take related spell books with her in battle, which serve as additional shields that produce their own invisible, defensive barrier. Or at least strengthens any ones that Mistress Mephistia creates on her own.
Being a succubus of the cruelest order, Mephistia has claimed the life-forces of almost all of her lovers, minus a small handful throughout her long lived existence. Though with that said, it is unknown if the father of her half-human daughter Pike, was among said survivors.

Pike, Mephistia's Half-Human Daughter.

Unlike her mother, Pike is fairly young by demon standards, and has adopted a warrior-type persona over her mother Mephistia's sorceress ways. This is probably due to her half-breed nature, which doesn't allow for a natural talent for magic. And thus Pike compensates this flaw with fighting skills, inhuman physical strength, and handheld weapons.
Pike serves as her mother's bodyguard, as well as a field general for Ceronus' forces. But outside their working relationship, there isn't much closeness between mother and daughter, which is largely Mephistia's doing.
Mistress Mephistia is a stanch believer in demon superiority over that of lowly humans, and although she's not ashamed of Pike, she's not exactly Mephistia's preferred progeny or heir either.
Despite her 'demonic chauvinism', Mistress Mephistia is still quite the charmer and seductress, and this would be true even if she wasn't born a succubus. This may explained how she's managed to obtain such a high position within Ceronus' ranks, as the Space Giant (literally, a fairy-tale-style Titan from deep space) enjoys the beautiful ladies immensely. And the Mistress was a much need addition to his more male-oriented armies.
Mistress Mephistia also has a pair of large bat-like wings, as all succubus women do, but keeps them physically hidden within her own back until need be. This too is quite rare, for the sorceress is rather lazy when it comes to travel, included being teleported by her own magical incantations. And instead, prefers being transported by vehicles, driven by chauffeurs.
Unfortunately for Pike, she did not inherit her own pair of wings from her mother's side of the family. And thus she uses alien technology from Ceronus' other minions for temporary levitation, while in combat.
-Raf AKA Enshohma

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