Monday, March 14, 2016

Ghost, Robots, and Lions - OH MY!

Nothing major this time around, with these three 'Kaiju-ish' items to share, along with a little bit of feedback from my side.

I Ain't Afraid of No Trailer...?

MovieBob perfectly sums up the REAL problems and echos A LOT of my own thoughts towards the recently released trailer for the upcoming "Ghostbusters" reboot / remake, as well as the fog of controversy that also surrounds the production, and the challenge of remakes in general. On the other hand, I still want to post my own take on this future film, and my general feelings on Sony Pictures and its continuing misadventures.

Why The Ghostbusters Reboot Should (But Won’t) Be Judged On Its Own Merits

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My Take of the Upcoming Iron Giant Art Book

An "Iron Giant" art book 17 years after its release...GOOD! Meaning the book will be far more extensive and informative then the tie-in crap that the studios will poop out for a film's impending release, and deliberately leave out A LOT of pre-production material just to 'save face', in case the films become flops and people realize how much better the abandoned concepts were compared to the final product. Again, being late is a GOOD thing for our robotic superman from space and for us, his many fans!

Brad Bird’s ‘Iron Giant’ Is Getting An Art Book (Preview)

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Surprisingly Good News for Voltron

I was honestly NOT looking forward to the new "Voltron" series on Netflix for TWO VERY good reasons. ONE - American-made "Voltron" sequels and spin-offs have usually been average at best, and TWO - original animated shows from Netflix have almost always sucked. So I had NO hope what-so-ever for this upcoming series...Until THIS fantastic bit of news was announced (SEE the link)!

The New Voltron Cartoon on Netflix Is Being Headed Up by Legend of Korra Alums

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Seriously, this bit of news is for me at least is the equivalent of discover Guillermo del Toro making his own mecha-vs-kaiju film, Sam Raimi working on a 1960's inspired Spider-Man film, and Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi given a chance to finally create their own spin on Godzilla!

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