Friday, February 26, 2016

Deadpool Video Podcast Review Thingie

Some very old geezer once asked me "Enshohma...What's a Podcast?", and not being all that computer savvy myself, I could only reply with "It's like talk radio programming, but produced digitally and posted on the internet", which is an apt description I hope.

The old codger then asked me "Enshohma...What's a Radio?". Our conversation ended soon afterwards.

Above is my video-based podcast review for the recently released film "Deadpool", co-hosted with friend and colleague KaijuNoir, whose already done his own podcast review for this same film on his separate YouTube channel.

And here's a better look at the title card illustrations that I did for the video posted above, inspired by the title character Deadpool's own artistic talents straight from the film.

Deadpool Himself
Enshohma (My Pen-name Monster)
Draco Azul (KaijuNoir's Original Robot Hero and Mascot)

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