Friday, May 23, 2014

HELP ME Identify This Mystery Plesiosaur Film!

So yeah...It's been over a year since this blog has been updated, and there's been various reasons for it (some of which stated in the video below).

But I also realize that having a blog allows better exposure, than just relegating myself to DeviantART, and DeviantART alone.

And as an expert of Kaiju (Giant Monsters), my site here can serve a much needed, no-nonsense service. Especially to the overlooked, and lesser known characters, of the genre. Even if my site has little-to-no traffic (more the NON), the articles remain in the 'Internet-Ether' for future readers, seeking such information.

For now however, let me present this hastily done video blog, where my huge rectangular head rambles on for 24 minutes, on both my pleasant childhood memories of early days, of the now infamous Disney Channel. And more importantly, discuss a mystery program from my childhood, about a grandfather and his grandson, trying to save a Giant Plesiosaur from an enclosed lake, and its mechanical floodgate.

If anyone can identify my mystery film, please leave your comments below. Or contact me at the right side of the blog.

UPDATE OF EXTREME HAPPINESS: reader Matthew B. Lamont identified the half-hour film as "Legend of Firefly Marsh" (1987), which I confirmed with an addition search across the internet.

Unfortunately, it's still horribly obscure, with no decent images of the lake Plesiosaur currently available, but its still a world of joy to finally know the title. Big thanks to you, Matthew!