Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss...

I try my best NOT to get political on this blog, but seeing how I was a victim of the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) during 2015, and just narrowly escaping 'the machine's steel jaws' through the unorthodox legal aid of an extremely knowledgeable friend and a truly committed public defender, I feel that it's best to say something now, than to regret it later on.

If THEY'RE coming for me (IF they are), I might as well speak up now, because I'll be screwed eventually by them, sooner or later.

The only comfort I have in knowing that Donald Drumph is our next president is he *MIGHT* be less willing in going to war with other countries than Obama has during his administration, and possibly Hillary would have, with Drumph obviously being more interested in money and how to secure more of it, probably from us normal citizens, which of course will royally suck in its own right, but no where near as horrible as yet another middle eastern 'land-grab'.

However, I also get the strong feeling that we'll be seeing another George W. Bush-style failure repeated, with Vice President Pence absolutely in charge of our country and the Republicans having Drumph on a VERY short leash, with him playing the designated distraction / dunking tank clown, while governmental business (war, screwing over the citizenship, securing more private riches, ineffective-to-no proper health care for the masses, etc...) goes on as usual.

And then there's the additional unfortunate fact that a good number (though definitely NOT all) of Drumph's supporters have proven themselves to be gullible bullies, looking for any excuse to stir crap up with otherwise decent people who don't deserve their ire, cowardly so even, which I have been a victim of in the recent memory despite being an American myself with Hispanic elements in my genetic make-up...

...Which really doesn't matter, because human is human (SEE Human Project Genome), and this racial crap is beyond yours truly, despite most Los Angeles residences believing it to be otherwise.

But these assholes are going to be more vocal (and violent) than ever before, thanks to Drumph's electoral win last night.

The aforementioned Drumph bullies should, however, not forget the fate of violent Trump supporter John McGraw, who is a future preview that the money-seeking Prison Industrial Complex will be gunning for 'the white male majority' before too long - Again, politicians and corporations will do anything for a buck. And maybe this means that a so-called fascist regime over America will be unlikely, because that would be very bad for 'Washington-based business'.

And don't even get me started on the continuing decline of the environment, which wouldn't have gotten any better with Hillary Clin-TON in charge (she loves fracking, like Trump loves oil).

I'm also pissed off at the Republicans Lite...I mean, Democratic Politicians, for choosing such an extremely weak candidate in the form of Hillary Clin-Ton, just because she seemed a safer bet for their personal future investments, as opposed to Bernie Sanders, who would have been a better choice in this recently wrapped up campaign.

I can only hope these next four year pass by with little-to-no tragedies any extreme note, and that come next election, the intellectual revolution that Bernie helped light, makes Republicans AND Democrats politicians and their corporate backers alike know we're not going to take this shit from them any longer.

On the other hand...Trump was a TV star, people like TV stars, and there's a lot of stupid people on both sides of last night's election...F****... !

Oh wells!

Keep intelligent, stay logical, be decent in spirit and heart, always question everything from those in charge, and always call them out on their BS, my dear readers.

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