Monday, May 9, 2016

Renegade Cut: Godzilla

I'm really one of those fantasy film lovers who prefer the imaginative, colorful, big budgeted (yes, technically they were) and charming Godzilla films of the 1960's over the grim 1954 original which spawned them, along with the majority of Godzilla films to follow after this aforementioned 'Golden Decade'.

BUT WITH ALL THAT SAID...Even I must admit the importance of the original 1954 "Godzilla" ("Gojira", either / or) and its true purpose as a serious-minded tragedy, dark science fiction parable, and equally powerful anti-war statement within and well beyond that of the giant monster film genre.

This fact is well known to us Godzilla aficionados, but mainstream audiences in both America AND Japan, including a disturbingly large number of fellow fantasy film fans and modern day 'geeks', either ignore or are sadly unaware of the character's significant origin.

The wonderful web-series Renegade Cut (overseen by producer and host Leon Thomas) reminds us of Godzilla's ultimate importance, in this brief but detailed review. Please give the following a watch, especially if you're NOT a Kaiju movie watcher.

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