Tuesday, May 17, 2016

POWERPUFF GIRLS 2016 Reboot Review by RebelTaxi

Although I subscribe and enjoy RebelTaxi's (alias Panpizza on Facebook) videos, it's more out of curiosity for lesser known animated TV shows and movies than actual review analysis and related intellectualism, especially since he seems to waste more time on sexual gags and word mispronunciations jokes, which are entertaining, but I see that kind of lowbrow stuff ALL the time in Los Angeles and from way less forgivable individuals than the aforementioned (sorry, but my home town kind of sucks).

But in his latest video, RebelTaxi turns down the flippancy dial back down to 3 (a 6?), and brings up some very reasonable points as to why the newer 2016 "Powerpuff Girls" animated series does not work, without using the 'original series was way better' trump card argument. And this shout out is coming from someone (myself) who wasn't that much of a fan of the original series, despite letting it play whenever it was on.

Yes, I know "The Powerpuff Girls" had some pretty nifty Kaiju in, SO WHAT!?!?

The following video review also touches upon a lot of what's wrong with entertainment (animation or otherwise) in general these days, including the rather disturbing trend of gleefully destructive superheroes in otherwise non-comical action-adventure films.

My hat is off to you, Mister Taxi!

Basic Text Link: https://youtu.be/QExDCEiYP7I

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