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Meet The Cinemologists

In addition to my regular posts on obscure giant monsters, and my own more obscurer artworks, I've decided to also use my not-so-regularly updated blog to showcase other creative people that I happen to like, and who deserves some much needed shout outs.

So let's start spreading the love with the following movie-minded gentlemen...After I've had a bit of a ranting tangent, via article intro.

Alex (on camera), Y2K (on microphone), and Joel (on table); The original founding members of The Cinemologists, along with their anime-style mascot heroine Sarah Grable.
The cult television series "Mystery Science Theater 3000" may have long since been cancelled. But its legacy and influence, that being the comedic riffing of films, are more than alive and well today.

Wither it be through the show's original creators going off to do worthy successors, like RiffTrax and Cinematic Titanic, or the virtual endless succession of internet 'Comedian Reviewers', who they themselves feel like the lost children of MST3K. All with varying degrees of execution and related success.

These of course include the likes of The Nostalgia Critic, The Cinema Snob, The Angry Video Game Nerd, Spoony, Honest Trailers, How It Should Have Ended, and way too many others to properly note, regardless if they were directly influenced by The Satellite of Love, or not.

The Satellite of Love being the fictional base of operations for MST3K, of course.

And although still fresh to the scene, this too includes my friend and art client Brandon Tenold, and his series "Brandon's Cult Movies Reviews". And whom I plan to feature more of at this very blog, alongside the humorous title cards that I've done for his video series.

But as fun as riffing on famous and lesser known films can be, I also fear that there's been a backlash to this aforementioned modern age, especially across the internet. And that's a lack of respect, or even willingness to give films a viewing chance, upon their own merits as individual films. Particularly in the overlooked fantasy and science fiction adventures decades passed.

In other words, that unfortunate mentality of 'everything is a guilty pleasure, ripe of mocking because it has no value'. Especially if any and all films were made well before the 1990's, if not, the new millennium.

Thankfully, there's still some true movie connoisseurs online who try to share and recommend movies, without resorting to the 'MST3K Methods'. Or far more insidious; the suggesting of alcohol and smoking weed to get through any and all entertainment (is that the real reason that Reality Television has become so popular these days?).

But the majority of these more serious-minded reviews are regulated to written articles, and not to extensive video series online.

Brandon Tenold for example, has a more straight-faced career as horror movie reviewer in written word (through horror movies sites that I cannot locate at this moment), though it's his more humorous videos that get's the most attention.

And a similar situation can even be said for the all the aforementioned Comedian Reviewers above.


A small, but dedicated group of film buffs, who in addition to their more extensive written reviews and articles (their official web-site found HERE), have also started a fairy straight-faced, though no less entertaining series of video-based movie retrospectives.

And whose main focus are on the lesser known, or heavily overlooked special effects films of old. Or 'the terrifying wilderness years' before "Jurassic Park" and / or the current millennium of popular film-making began, as the young (or even the miserably unfair old) might call it.

And although they don't go overboard in the comedy and skits department (despite the video posted right below), they still have some fun and humor while revisiting said films.

Below are just three of The Cinemologists YouTube-based videos, showcasing motion pictures that I also happen to love, which I too feel they deserve a second look whenever possible. Beyond their immediate camp or 'riffing' value, of course.

Give these guys and their videos a watch. And if you really like what you see, than please support them in the links posted at the bottom of this article. OR simply spread the word about these guys, with friends and acquaintances a like (family too, I suppose).

"Starcrash" (1978) Review

"Mr. Arkadin" (1955) Review

"The War of the Worlds" (1953) Review


The Cinemologists Official Web-Site

The Cinemologists Facebook Page

The Cinemologists YouTube Account (more videos there!)

Thecollector1138 YouTube Account (Cinemologist Related)

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