Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kaiju Images: That Destoroyah Toy Of Mine

Nothing major this time around, but thought I’d share these photos I took of a Bandai produced Destoroyah toy, which I bought super-cheap earlier this year.

I may be a massive fan of giant monsters, but I’m NOT an avid collector of their toys. Unless an extremely lucky (again, cheap) opportunity arises.

This is of course the title opponent of 1995’s “Godzilla vs Destoroyah”, who is a mutated Precambrian life-form; extremely ancient, extinct life-forms of whom the real Trilobites was apart of).

And is directly linked in its origins to The Oxygen Destroyer - the only super weapon in the franchise that can positively end Godzilla’s life.

Since these photos are originals, you’re all more than welcome to save and re-post them on your ends. And expect more impressive images, and equally as obscure monster subjects, posted at this blog, all across December!

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