Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Understanding the Cosmos, Episodes 8-12

Five new episodes for the fake educational science program "Understanding the Cosmos", with your just-plain-crazy-jerk of a host, Professor Gonzo.


Professor Gonzo does a physical demonstration of the immense cosmic explosions known as Super Novas. By-the-way, I was the one who got to throw the bucket of water at the end, which was most fun I might add! Safe for Public Viewing.


The rings of Saturn are discussed...with Hula Hoops. Includes foul language.


In this very special episode, Professor Gonzo welcomes his longtime idol and scientific hero, Dr. Reginald Scott. Includes foul language and crude humor.


The obligatory Uranus episode...and no, it's not what you expect either. Fairly safe for public viewing.


The proverbial Pandora's Box is ripped wide opened in this episode, when Professor Gonzo decides to answer some viewer e-mail. Includes foul language and related text.

And one last side-note; I will try to keep this blog updated on a regular basis from now on, even if it's only one small article every two weeks. This includes more work-in-progress previews of my artwork, and hopefully extensive movie reviews - giant monster related and otherwise.

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