Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Understanding The Cosmos: Episodes 1-5

Look everybody! An article that has absolutely nothing to do with giant monsters what-so-ever!
"Understanding The Cosmos" is a series of web-shorts started by my two younger siblings, Gonzo and Gabe, which spoofs the kind of educational science programs that you barely see on television anymore. Namely The History Channel fodder that does NOT feature paranormal or apocalyptic shenanigans.
Of course the big joke about "Cosmos" is that the science is distantly minor compared to the insanity / stupidity of its lead character and host, Professor Gonzo (played by you know who). Not to mention its equally eccentric and thereby unfortunate guest characters, like Astronaut Gabe (incredible effort on those names, siblings of mine).
The following are the five episodes made thus far, which I had limited involvement with, but will share with you all regardless.
To call this a pilot would be an understatement, because Gabe and Gonzo really had no intentions on making this an ongoing series, beyond this one-shot gag. Hence the use of their real names (at least Gonzo's), and just the overall rough nature of it all. The questionable position of Pluto as a planet is the backdrop for this episode.
Professor Gonzo does a demonstration of the solar son, and its gravitational relationship with our very own Earth. I helped in the filming of this one, and make a small off-camera cameo as 'The Meek Fact Checker'.
Professor Gonzo welcomes special guest Professor Funky Fresh, to discuss the phenomenon of Black Holes. Gonzo really doesn't care about foul language, and freely spouts it whenever he can. I however, DO care about such harsh language, and hence why I'm warning you all about this entry, and its latter dialog. Though with that said, it's still quite funny.
Professor Gonzo's hated arch rival Professor Zoso attempts to steal his thunder! I have to admit, this is the strongest of the web-series production wise, complete with a great use of outside musical beats.
Whereas episode four is the strongest production wise, this one has its strengths in the simple scenario and humor behind it. This largely thanks to Gabe being the unofficial writer of it, along with Gonzo's performance. Astronaut Gabe returns to the program, to discuss meteorites with Professor Gonzo.
I'll share more episodes in the future, as they're made and uploaded onto YouTube of course.

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