Monday, July 11, 2016

MONSTROSITIES Reviews Godzilla vs Gigan (1972)

What's this? Enshohma's using other Kaiju fans works to pump up his own blog's content? Is this a case of spreading the monster love online? Or monster-sized plagiarism from an  untalented weirdo ultra-talented God(zilla) among men and ladies?


Anyhow...The boys over at the MONSTROSITIES: Tokusatsu Vlog continue their series of classic Toho monster movie reviews with their take on 1972's "Godzilla vs Gigan". And I must agree with them that there is quite a lot to love about this otherwise not-all-that-great entry into the Godzilla film series.

Give it a watch and support these guys when you can.

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UPDATE FOR 7/12/2016: MONSTROSITIES posted a deleted scene from main review as its own video review, discussing the bizarrely 'fan-popular' fictional monsters WITHIN the fictional monster movie, Shukra and Momagon.

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